DIY SEO: 9 Powerful Techniques To Rank in Google

DIY SEO: 9 Powerful Techniques To Rank in Google

Today you’re going to see 9 of my all-time favorite DIY SEO techniques.

The best part? None of these strategies require an SEO agency. So if you want to get higher rankings and are doing SEO yourself, I recommend watching this video.

Here’s some of the cool stuff you’ll learn in the video:

First, I’ll show you a set of words you can add to your title tag… words that can increase your organic CTR.

Next, you’ll see a cool strategy for finding long tail keywords (and no, I’m not talking about Google Suggest).

Our third strategy is to reduce your bounce rate. I show you why Google may pay close attention to your site’s bounce rate and use it as a ranking signal.

Even though it’s not clear if Google uses bounce rate as a ranking signal, they definitely use organic click through rate. That’s why I dedicate an entire tip to helping you get more clicks.

Next up, I show you not one — but TWO –white hat link building techniques. Yup, backlinks are still super important. That means that link building is a key part of an DIY SEO campaign. And in the video I outline two strategies that work insanely well.

And finally, I show you a simple way to create the type of content that Google wants to rank at the top of the first page.

I end the video with a quick bonus DIY SEO strategy.

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What is SEO? Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained

What is SEO? Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization Explained

Namaskaar Dosto, is video mein maine aapse SEO ke baare mein baat ki hai, SEO kya hota hai Search Engine Optimization ka matlab kya hai, Black Hat SEO kya hai aur aap kasie apni website ya fir Youtube video ko rank karwa sakte hai kisi search engine mein. Mujhe umeed hai ki aapko yeh video pasand aayegi.

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SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2016 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2016 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

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Learn all about SEO and what seo is. This is a good SEO tutorial for beginners that really helps you get a better understanding of what SEO is and where to you hire a company for your website. Learn what SEO is and how can seo work for your website. Theres tons of SEO tutorials but really learn it from someone in the business! Learn how SEO works.Start your rank your website on the search engines such as google yahoo or bing

There are lots of different ways to go about SEO, but i think that its important to protect yourself from companies who want to take advantage of you. Trust me, just watch this tutorial, learn it for yourself and do your own SEO. I really dont recommend to hire any American companies because i used to work for one and we always outsourced our SEO to india anyways!

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Seo 2016, on page, and seo google tutorial marketing!

How to Learn SEO: My Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization

How to Learn SEO: My Secret Method For Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to learn SEO? SEO isn’t hard to learn, it just takes practice. And today I’m going to teach you how to get more Google traffic using SEO.
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In order to get good at SEO, you have to practice it. So create a website using WordPress and setup a blog. Make sure you pick a domain name as well.

Once it is setup, start blogging. You should be blogging about whatever topic you are passionate about.

From there you’ll want to install the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin allows you to change your meta tags as well as optimizes your WordPress blog for search engines.

Within your meta tags make sure you include your keywords. By placing the right keywords in your title tag you are more likely to rank for them.

In addition to adjusting your keywords, you will have to cross link your posts together. By cross linking them, they are more likely to get indexed.

Last but not least you will also have to build links. Go to, type in your competitor URLs and email out every site that links to them and ask them to link to you as well.

Over time you’ll see your rankings increase and you’ll get the hang of SEO.



Nhiều người hỏi tôi SEO là gì? Tại sao khi làm Web hay kiếm tiền với Youtube phải biết làm SEO. Thôi tùy duyên bài này tôi nói sơ qua chung chung cho moi người biết như cỡi ngựa xem hoa vậy, sau này tùy duyên sẽ chia sẻ cụ thể:


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Hãy nhấn Subcribe để ủng hộ tác giả và thường xuyên nhận được video mới nhất về Photoshop CC phương pháp kiếm tiền Online, nhiếp ảnh, đồ họa, thiết kế, kỹ năng nghề nghiệp, cuộc sống Mỹ và những chia sẻ hữu ích khác.

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Tác giả: KS. Dương Trung Hiếu
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Search Engine Optimization crash course

Search Engine Optimization crash course

Artem talks about basics of search engine optimization (SEO) in Oulu University. In this short talk students learn about basics of SEO and importance of content.

Artem describes process of optimizing content for SEO. Beginners who know little of search engine optimization will benefit most from this video.

Tools mentioned during the talk:
– Google AdWords keyword planner:
– Open Site Explorer:
– Google Analytics:
– Google Webmaster tools:

For quality search engine optimization services check out our website at

วิธีการทำ SEO อย่างง่ายๆ เพื่อให้เว็บไซต์ไปติดหน้าแรกของ Google | โดยอ.ณัฐวุฒิ ภู่เพชร

วิธีการทำ SEO อย่างง่ายๆ เพื่อให้เว็บไซต์ไปติดหน้าแรกของ Google | โดยอ.ณัฐวุฒิ ภู่เพชร

สนใจสมัครเข้าร่วมธุรกิจ join&coin ที่
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3. Formation SEO – Plugin Yoast SEO (site WordPress) [tuto FR]

3. Formation SEO – Plugin Yoast SEO (site WordPress) [tuto FR]

Apprenez à utiliser le plugin SEO de Yoast (WordPress) afin d’optimiser le contenu de votre site pour le SEO, facilement et sans code!

Tuto en français pour les, explications étape par étape pour débutants 🙂

Quels parties de votre contenu optimiser pour le SEO ?

Exemple concret pour un site de photo (formation photo, photo de mariage et portraits)

Comment utiliser le plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast:
– Améliorer le référencement des pages de son site
– Que changer dans les pages ?

Contenu de la formation:

1. Comment changer ce qui est afficher dans les résultats de recherche Google.
Facilement et sans html =)
(balises meta description et meta title)

2. Changer les URL Title – h1 dans WordPress.
3. Changer le nom des images et le texte alternatif des images.

Référencement local & Référencement de page.

Quel type d’articles de blog à créer pour optimiser votre nombre de visites qualifiées générées par le référencement naturel.

Quel type de contenu faut il créer pour être bien référencé ?

** Exemple Concret **

Découvrez pas à pas les essentiels pour référencer votre site internet sur le web.

* Quels sont les différents aspects du SEO ?
* Comment optimiser votre site pour le référencement naturel ?
* Quels critères essentiels faut-il prendre en compte ?

Dans le Tuto 2:
Utiliser le SEO pour le contenu de votre site WordPress:
– URL (permaliens)
– Balise title
– Headings
– Mots clés présents dans le contenu
– Image et texte alternatif

+ Conseils concrets de type de contenu à créer.

Dans le Tuto 1:
– Apprendre les aspects essentiels et les différents types d’optimisation (Technique, Link Building et Content)
– Améliorez votre ranking sur Google et utilisez le référencement naturel pour faire grandir votre business à moyen terme.
Quels sont les effets potentiels du SEO sur mon business ? Comment générer des clients via le SEO ?

Comment optimiser votre contenu pour être indexer le mieux possible par les moteurs recherche (dont Google) ?
Quelles sont les bases du Référencement naturel à garder à l’esprit ?